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At Ecochicks Quails,we are helping farmers start quail farming in Kenya right from getting eggs, supplying them with incubators and training. We are also providing links from farmers practicing quail production. We have a one stop collection of products and services that you may need  to start this farming.  We not only provide these services but also search for business opportunities for our customers  in Kenya. We have also in addition built a network of quail farmers through time so as information can be shared within it.

Our mission is to  enhance quail farming in Kenya through proving latest technologies in poultry production and partnering with all stakeholders  in quail farming

We always emphasize that you should not struggle with your own problem regarding quail farming while there are so many entities out there ready to assist farmers. For questions, comments or contribution please email us  at

For any other kind of information about poultry please visit out poultry site at 


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